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JIPPY News Letter | September 2021

Japanese Insect Products Prepared for You


Last September 6th, the project JIPPY finally started! After we received the funds, we could barely get contacts with people due to holiday season and absents from participants. The starting was difficult because of the lack of the time, preparation and communications, we could just manage to welcome the students from Fontys Hogeschool Venlo for Applied Science.


Step one ・はじめの第一歩

Before we start this project, it will be great to think about what makes you feel delicious about food. Which sense of you feel joyful by tasting food? From the research, actually the looks of the food is very important. The second important element of tastiness is texture in your mouth. With today's students, we want to observe how we can make insects as tasty as possible with these aspects.

Japanese cooking element methods are, raw, grill, bake, stew, fry, deep-fry and steam. Because of the first time in this workshop, I chose beforehand the method for cooking of the day. Almost all non-Japanese people can enjoy Tempura, deep-fried cocking. This hides insects and brings crispy texture.

The receipt was open. Ingredients were only flower and some sauces, besides insects.


Ingredients insects ・材料の昆虫

We had really limited time when we got the school schedule and during holiday we could not get contacts with school and insect producers. Luckily, we could meet Family Barbara & Anton Verschuren. Also, SoylentBlue. All ingredients are all on time because they delivered them to us during their busy morning. I'd like to express great appreciations to them.

Interesting of the crickets from Family Verschuren was that they were all frozen. Before preparing, we cooked for a few minutes. At the first sight, because of steam, their legs and hairs were moving, and they seemed like alive. But of course not. It tasted very fresh and according to participants, it tastes very much nostalgic and ever experienced taste. I personally tasted it like a seaweed or sea vegetable “Hijiki”.

Inspiration ・インスピレーション

As we all know, young generation will be the brainstorm for the trends and behaves. They don't have yet the specific pre knowledge about Japanese cocking. We gave the open book to cook, and they can make what ever with limited cooking methods and ingredients.

Think about the tasty looking and nice texture at this time.

Those students are from the second grade.

It was interesting to see how they are not formed yet. That means that they try to search diverse way to make recipes.

They cut insects to make them look tasty, and they searched the texture by frying the parted insects. They gave it the visual virtual way, and they made great progress.

Those students are from the fourth grade.

They have already certain system. They made a great looking food, but they still stick to the Sushi concept only.

Anyhow, those multicultural girls made a very tasty and good-looking insect ball.

It was a nice path to the next step.

Next news flash, you can see their result from the day.


Guest participants Joke Rozing (left) is a researcher from one of the sponsor companies, Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Europe. She joined the first day, to understand what our project is and to think together for the next workshop with her and other researchers. To hire the locations for students from Fontys University costs a lot. If you can join our sponsors team, we are grateful to your receive supports.

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Partners and sponsors Regional Limburg Innovation Fund | Insect Engineers | Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo Insect valley Europe | Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences | Several insect producers. Special thanks to Soylentblue, Familie Verschuren (Verschuren V.O.F. Oploo) Mrs.Joke Rozing (Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Europe)

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