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JIPPY News Letter | Augustus, 2021

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Japanese Insect Products Prepared for You


The Japanese kitchen is based on 3 pillars: Curiosity, entertainment and taste experience. With these in mind we can start exploring the possibilities of making the available insects more interesting for Western European consumers, we need to find the ways to make the consumer curious and the presentation needs to be entertaining and stylish. In this project, we will transfer the Japanese cuisine knowledge to students and help them to make “tasty” dishes with insects. The students will learn a lot from working with the Japanese chefs and thus be able to further spread the knowledge. Thinking “out of the box” and using Japanese recipes.


Appreciations ・ 感謝

We finally started to work the project JIPPY. JIPPY is very honoured to receive the funding from the regional Limburg Innovation Fund. On this way, we have got so many supports and idea's from Brightlands Campus Green Port Venlo, Insect Valley Europe and their regular event Insect Inloop café. Further, we will receive the great sponsors from Mitsubishi Corporation Life Science, Protifarm, BestiCo and Protix.

We are so grateful to have your supports. Thank you very much. 有り難う御座います。


Workshop ・ ワークショップ On the 6th September we will start our research project with Research Group Business Innovation & Lecturer Food, Nutrition, Sustainable Food Production of the Fontys Venlo University of Applied Science. We have to prepare for 120 students hours during this semester. We are still busy with planning the detail of lesson, timeline, communicating ingredients suppliers, and of course Japanese Chef. Furthermore, we will update you with coming new letters.

Inloop Insecten Café ・ ウォークインカフェ Last Wednesday, 25th Augustus we were there at the Inloop Insecten Café. The insecten suppliers for this project were there as well. So far we could communicate via e-mail but finally face to face we could share our passion to develop the future food world. We regularly join this wonderful opportunity to meet new people. Hope we can meet you there and discuss the possibilities with you!


Partners and sponsors Regional Limburg Innovation Fund | Insect Engineers | Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo Insect valley Europe | Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences | Several insect producers. JIPPY News Letter | Augustus, 2021

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