Nederlandse Naginata Renmei

Secretary - Mark Berghaan

Aya Masuhara is a long time friend of our federation and has proven herself valuable as a translator during our seminars. With her insight of Japanese customs and way of thinking she has helped out in both political and highly sensitive talks in which she translated and helped bring understanding in a calm and professional manner. 

2015 EuropeanConvention.jpg

European Kobudo Convention

General Director and Host for 2015 — Arjan F. Tervoort

Aya Masuhara has been part of the European Kobudo Convention since it's start in 2012. On the floor of the EKC Aya's assistance is invaluable. Aya was presenting host and gracefully welcomed the participants from all different countries, having the operational lead and ensuring a smooth event. Her help in the planning and the wake of the event were equally indispensable. Aya's calm, friendly and professional attitude and her relentless drive and effort make her a very valuable part of our organization.

foto.kendo Dutch team 2015_edited.jpg

Nederlandse Kendo Renmei
Voormalig captain/huidig manager - Werner Karnadi

Aya has been very important to us helping out with our crowdfunding cause. She was important linking the Dutch kendo team to the Japanese organisations within the Netherlands. With her admirable enthusiasm and understanding of the Japanese culture, she has been able to help understanding the importance of our cause towards potential funders. This resulted in a successful trip to Tokyo, where two of the ladies of the kendo team have took a place in the best 8 fighters of the world!


Japans cultureel centrum Shofukan
Directeur/bestuurder - Joris J.P.H. van Nispen

It has been my pleasure to work with Aya Masuhara over the past 8 years, both in business and (inter-) cultural affairs. Her profound understanding of both Asian and Western worlds is priceless. I have come to know her as a very dedicated professional, always and positively aiming directly for results, reaching her goals and realizing projects swiftly and efficiently. And - very importantly - always in good moods and wit!